When life kicks you hard : Lessons learnt from life

Sameer Jindal 

About the Author

Sameer Jindal has a passion in writing and motivating young engineers. He has graduated with B.E (Honors) from NIT Allahabad and received scholarship from NY Stony Brook University, USA to study MS in Mechanical Engg. He worked in Seoul, South Korea for many years , have more than 25 years’ experience in Automotive MNCs and currently working as Director Engg. In MNC, He has travelled across world and participates in various seminars across industries. He has authored several papers and written articles on Internet and future of mobility in Automotive Magazines. He also runs a “Learning Series “lectures for young engineers. This book with about collection of 200 Quotes is his first attempt to foray into book writings from his personal diary.

About the book –

Author -Sameer Jindal
Book name -The Book, When Life Kicks you Hard
My Rating 5/5
Format – Kindle
This book is a collection of his life experiences and incidents on how he dealt with it. I hope the author had a wonderful recollection of memories while writing this book
My Review –
1)The book contains more than thirty short stories.
2)The language of the book is clear. The writing style of the book is entertaining. The cover of the book is fantastic. The title of the book is apt.
3)There is some wonderful life lesson in each story. The impact of each story will be amazing.
4) All the stories have an interesting plot.
5)The quotes shared here were inspiring.some were more relateable in my life.
6) The insights shared in this book are extraordinary. The author’s experience is wonderful. Family values, work ethic, their values, respect for elders made them reach this place.
7)I enjoyed reading this book . I would recommend everyone to read this book

Amazon –

My life has completed Golden Anniversary on 30th April, I have reached mid-life now and ever since my soul enters into my mother’s womb fifty years back after that every moment, when I am out in this world, life is taking revenge from me with despair and despondency but I have always rebound with joy and ecstasy on reaching the goals with perseverance and then again got Kick from Life, but out of Joy and pleasures of thrill, excitation.

It has altogether been a rollercoaster journey from the first day in school to college, University, friends, Love, Marriage, children and finally job-there has always been the lessons from every life incident and very interesting one.

Hence, I decided to compile these all lessons learnt as short stories in my next book* “When Life Kicks you hard”.
Edition 2 is an extended ver. of Life stories as I have added Part-II after College life.

I am sure you will relate many of these stories to your own life and will learn as well from the lessons, life taught me during these incidents.

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