Nail biting

The story begins with an air of suspense and remains intriguing throughout.
It was spine chilling to know what happened next.

What are the hidden clues ?
Will the police be able to solve the case ?

Every single proof or some clue is very crucial here.

As this has become a mysterious case there needs to be a pin pointed investigation.

Right from the beginning it became an exhilarating read for me.
The officers are shown as strong and intelligent characters.
This book is going to be tied up in your thoughts.
I wasn’t even able to know what happens next.
The story plot line is intriguing.
The one who selects this book will never regret reading it.
Cover is mesmerizing. Title is awesome.
It has an unpredictable end .
No one will know what happens till the end. I just got connected with the story. Characters are well portrayed.
This book is worth your time and the story is really gripping.
The Author has narrated Scenes in a well planned manner. This would become a block buster hit if it is taken by a director and screenplayed as a movie.

This has become one of my favourite reads . I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
Just go and grab the book guys.
Really a fantastic read
Happy reading

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