Author: Anmol Malik.

Genre: Fiction, Rom-com.

Tara and Dev are coincidentally on the same plane to Paris to crash their respective ex’s wedding to each other. But their already flawed impulsive plan goes up the smoke when the plane does an emergency landing at the Heathrow Airport. They try to survive the mayhem together reluctantly at first, until they realise, they make a great team.

Gorgeous cover, hilarious conversations, innumerable clumsy, foot-in-the-mouth situations make this book a complete package. The story cracked me up so hard so many times that it made me look stupid amongst the serious individuals in the room staring at me. Both the characters are amazing in their own right. But I loved Dev more. Passionate, reckless, caring, funny and chivalrous Dev.

The plot may seem like a contemporary love story but it has more to it than just a rom-com. The narration and attention to detail takes away the prize.

Get this one. You will definitely enjoy it.

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