Author: Devashish Sardana

Genre: Psychological thriller

Triggerwarning: Child murder, transphobia, queerphobia.

“There is a method to the madness.
A reason behind this rashness.
That’s what makes a psychotic serial killer more dangerous than a random one-off murderer.”

When a new serial killer, “The Doll Maker”, makes the headlines, the other fame hungry psychopath , “The Clipper” feels threatened and decides to hunt the one who has stolen his thunder and regain his limelight.

Two fiesty cops are put on the case of The Doll Maker. Little do they know that their competitor is the Clipper. He is smarter, nastier and will stop at nothing to get back the first spot. While the police are investigating, the meticulously planned and executed murders make these lunatics hard to nab.

This book is start to finish a page turner. The engrossing plot with not one but two psychopaths doesn’t feel overdone in anyway. The psychology of a lunatic, their thought process in which they justify their systematic yet maniacal actions is laid out very well. Though I am bothered by a few triggers myself, it neither made me cringe nor shut away the book at any point of time. The murders are spine -chilling but not gory. The mystery kept me guessing till the end. The climax is mind-blowing and unexpected. It is a well executed complex psycho – thriller with twists in every chapter. Highly recommended. Unputdownable.

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