By Cho Nam-Joo.

The book is about Kim Jiyoung, is a middle child with an elder sister and a younger brother. Her life is described in three stages: childhood, adulthood and marriage. During each stage of her life she faces blatant gender discrimination and partiality. She even faces and witnesses sexual harrasment in school that shakes her confidence. After marriage when the couple is pressurised to have a child, she feels overwhelmed by the expectations, followed by the post-partum depression. Slowly, her mental health starts to noticeably deteriorate.

I took up this book after reading the blurb and some positive reviews but I could not connect to it. The main theme of this book is the gender inequality, female infanticide, patriarchy, etc. I did not find anything new in this story. The presentation was dull and dry for me.

Having said that, I am not in anyway trying to downplay the struggles and the sacrifices of the women in the story. It is based on true events and researched facts with appropriate references. May be the depth of the story is lost in translation.

Mine is an unpopular opinion, so do check the blurb yourself and decide. A lot of people have liked the book which now has been adapted to a movie.

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