Check in check out

The story is mainly divided into two parts. The title itself explains what’s the theme of the story is, the first part of the story is filled with horror. The second part contains the reasons for those hauntings.

This book consists of 9 short horror stories. These involve supernatural aspects too.
While I was reading I just imagined myself in that place, I just shivered.
Narration is gripping. The title is intriguing.
The most stunning story was the doll following the girls.
I love to watch horror movies at night, so I read this book at night time, It was a nice experience and mind-blowing. I just loved reading this book.
One main thing which I liked was there was no lagging in the story and the writing style is amazing. There is a pinpoint explanation.

The auspicious thing was the people who were visiting the hotel villagio were experiencing some abnormal situations, paranormal activities.

What might be the reasons?
Why people are facing difficulties?

To know more about it just go and grab the book, guys. It’s amazing. Language is simple and easy to understand. If we read at night time, it will be enthralling and thrilling. I have a great experience with this book.

Happy reading

Highly recommended

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