Novel inspired by true life experience by Brianne Davis. Hollywood actor, director, producer, writer.

Initially I mistook this book to be a tangy Hollywood gossip novel. But I was pleasantly surprised the moment I started reading. It has nothing to do with any celebrity gossip or scandals but is an intimate novel based on the real life incidents of the author (all names changed for anonymity).

The author, a Hollywood actress, producer, director, writer has taken us along her journey of recovery from Sex and Love addiction. She has shared her most embarrassing scandalous past in all honesty that it is truly courageous. She hasn’t shied away from telling us the blunders she committed, relations she ruined because of her addiction. The realisation of the damage she caused during her recovery journey was humbling and showed her a path of self worth. She acknowledged her disease and sought help which is a huge first step in any recovery process.

This is the first memoir I have read that tells us the side of a person who wronged others rather than the opposite. It takes guts to show your naked and raw side to the world. In this social media age where we hesitate to post even a selfie without filter edits, this book is absolutely unfiltered and open. It is hilarious, shocking, painful and a heartwarming novel.

I do not follow Hollywood much, otherwise guessing the characters in the novel would have been fun. But jokes apart, this novel tells us that, all that glitters is hardly ever gold. Her brutal honesty is the beauty of this book. It isn’t easy for anyone to accept their flaws, let alone someone who is fighting to overcome their deep instilled addiction. Life is difficult for them at every step and I respect them deeply for their immense courage which even ‘normal’ people lack.

This book has something for everyone. Addict or not it must be read and recommended.

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