By Shreyan Laha

Manisha wakes up in an isolated bus stand with her memory totally wiped out. She finds the city strange as she tries to manoeuvre her way out of there and return home. But with no memory of her hometown she decided to give that queer place a chance.

Eventually she realises that the city is governed like social media where every person is a profile and the government is monitoring every move, even tracking their thoughts. With no privacy whatsoever , she decides to elope. But when it is next to impossible to even have suicidal thought, how is she going to plan an escape!

This story is a speculative dystopian science fiction which shows boons and banes of the social media influence on our lives. The pace of the story in the beginning was slow but after the second half it picked up pace. It also has some psychological and philosophical elements that explain the atmosphere of the technologically dependant society. While you are attracted to the glamour and the extravaganza, it actually is a golden cage.

If you like Sci-fi novels, you will definitely enjoy this book. The social media world created is fascinating but scary.

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