Book review

The Breakthrough by Megha Bajaj is a collection of stories of 11 trailblazers who’ve defined their success with the breakthroughs.
Everyone has breakthrough moments in their life.
So we need to consider those moments seriously and try to learn something new from that.
So this book explains about stories of eleven people faced problems and took it as initiative and made their life better .
Actually their life style is very ordinary . And then they can’t even imagine about their life , it became extradinary.
Their stories constitute their dark days, silent struggles, sad moments, and a sweet success that comes after sheer hard work.
This book inspired me a lot .
This is the best self help book. We can figure our mistakes , our faults and we need to rectify them .
Honestly speaking after receiving the book I thought of reading it afterwards because the pages are so many . But I wanna give a try .
And I just started reading book sitting beside a window . I just went on reading and completed 100 pages . Woah I was really shocked . And I loved the book very much .
The author has done great job I really appreciate the author.
It’s really an incredible work of author. The book only explains about the success of eleven people it also makes people learn something new. The book doesn’t leave you motivated. I can definitely say that , who ever reads this book all will inspire and get motivated . It is the best self help book
And author has explained live examples which are really helpful for the readers.

Coming to the cover of the book it’s awesome. And those colored pages are really attractive. I just liked the appearance of the book. Title is catchy . Title is opt for the book. Cover is mesmerizing.
I would definitely suggest this book to everyone .
Highly recommended
Happy reading

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