The Dharavi model

The title of this book would rather had been, ‘Dharavi Model, A success Project’. This book will clearly tell you how despite being poor, weak, helpless and powerless Dharavi fought and succeeded in winning the battle against the dangerous coronavirus pandemic. Screening, containment, and mitigation strategies were effectively considered in Dharavi and thereby Dharavi achieved a massive success in crushing the virus spread. Enforcing a strict lockdown and blocking the movement of residents except for essential services, have helped greatly in controlling the virus spread. MCGM ensured proper sanitation of the streets of Dharavi frequently. The launch of intense screening and sanitation drive had a great impact in flattening the curves. The Maharashtra government took special care on Dharavi’s heel from the virus because there was a great chance of quick spread in that area. All the detailed part I don’t think anything had been exaggerated but in some parts like the death parts of the heroes who I believe were no less than war heroes could have been more highlighted. Its an absolute 4.5 out 5 for reading as per me.

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