Bonds of freedom

By Shalini Keswani

Review !

We all have some kind of dreams which we want to achieve.
Sometimes our goals look huge, and people around us become distrustful of them, making us sad.

This book “Bonds of freedom” is wonderfully plotted with strong character formation resonating ambition and positivity.
Author Shalini has excellently written this enriching story of building a dream.

A story that is successfully penned down taking us to Angela’s and Shekharan’s journey of building educational venture, teaching teamwork and core fundamentals of entrepreneurship in an encaptivating and engaging manner.
Both the character portrays bravery and determination as a high value in one’s life.
Moreover the story also offers behavioral changes due to greed of money & Power and how the education has become a business nowadays.
The Author aims at spreading a noble message and a beautiful bond between Teachers and Students.

You will love the writing style; the author has used beautiful lines with a bit of poetic fragrance, making them more persuadable and exciting.
Here is one of my favorite quote from the book ;

“We all change it’s true, but change we must for the better or fortune’s reversed!”

I absolutely recommend this book to every individual wanting to experience an extraordinary journey filled with different elements of motivation, vision, and passion.
The book has concentrated on each & every element present in an educational institution which makes the plot very realistic.
Do give this book a try & you won’t regret reading it and surely your perception towards education & teachers will see a change positively.

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