Book review

Which type of book you like?
Do you believe in magics ?
The book “The Almighty Eye” by Robin K Varghese is a book full of mystery adventures and magic.

The story is about the beautiful town Osiana which once was the good place to live.Osiana was famous for ita carnival and the sacred wheel called the “The Eye”.
The Eye which Om was curious about and he grew older finding about The Eye.

It has been 19 years since “The Eye” stopped rotating and the town Osiana was now almost a barren place.Om was now in his old age and Atlee was one of the boy in the town who had enough knowledge about Osiana and The Eye because he has read the journals of Om and listen stories from him.

Everything changed when a stranger called Kalki agreed to repair the Eye but in return he wanted the carnival ground to be named after him.

The book is a lot interesting and seriously each and every page is full of mystery and adventure.

Grab your copy and dive into the mystery of Osiana.

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