TITLE- The unsolved case of an Indian woman
Author- puneeth jh
Genre- psychological thriller
Format- kindle

This is a story that starts in three different timelines and beautifully converged into one mind-blowing thriller.

👩‍💼 Ms. Tendel, a 40 year old lawyer receives a life threatening note ‘you gonna die soon’ from an anonymous source whom she suspects  are  her professional rivals. She informed the police and approaches a young psychiatrist, Dr. Yogi Patel.

Will she die?

👧Menu, a 8 year old, daughter of a fisherman was living with an old lady, Palki Damania, whom she believed to be her grandmother. After the demise of granny, Menu, moved into her new home with her real family where no one loves her except her elder sister Sonu and her father.

What will happen to Menu?

👩Sneha, a teenage girl lives with her elder sister manogna’s family. Sneha is eager to eager to complete her higher studies but manogna pushes her to get married to Prashant, a gambler, because of her insecurities. She is depressed by this daily drama and on the verge of giving up on life.

Will she survive ?

It is an well researched and well executed story.  The whole plot will keep you hooked & keep changing your perspectives of the story until the truth revealed in the end. The language is simple and easily understandable  so that everyone enjoys it. The ending just perfectly justifies the title.

I certainly recommend this book to all psychological thriller lovers.

My ratings- 4.5/5

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