Book review

This is Malav’s story, and it follows him on his journey from adolescence to youth. It’s about his love storey, about how he grew up to be a young, innocent boy, and about how love is the central topic of the book. This book discusses the relevance of various attachments and connections in addition to love. It’s about adolescent, innocent love, and how we sometimes dismiss it as an infatuation or fail to fight or stand up for it.
The book’s main theme is teen love, relationships, and the dilemmas that come with there’s so much about Sindhi family that we can sometimes infer that author is Sindhi and also that this fictional story somewhere had his reality or reality of his some known person.

The writing style was clear.
The title and the cover were both intriguing.
The narrative was simplistic, and there were a lot of unnecessary details. Sometimes you just feel so dejected while reading it like what is this nibba nibbi thing.
This book, in particular, will put your patience to the test.

Avoid it if you don’t like indian teenage young adult romance.

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