Book review

“Chandraprabha The iron lady of Assam” by Hiranya Borah.

The author has written a fluid and engaging biography even he never met her personally.He has collected enough information and share his thoughts on certain topics.
I have always loved Hirayana’s earlier works. This one is indeed the best one.This is about the life of a fighter, who has shine bright amidst all odds and difficulties in her life. Collated from various books, articles, this book weaves a wonderful narrative of what made Chandraprabha, the Iron Lady of Assam and how devoted she was for her motherland.

The book starts with the years back in 1901 about her birth , her supportive father. During that period no importance was given to women but her father was extraordinary he provided her proper education. At a very young age she became a mother, was betrayed by her lover but she gave proper education to his son. She was in pain but she had no time for herself she dedicated her life in uplifting women ,giving speech ,writing, joining quit India moments and many more.She was truly a figher.
This book is a complete one ,with every detail mentioned about her achievements, her dedication, her love for the women .Until her last breathe she served for the betterment of the society.
She is a true inspiration for each and every women.

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