what do you expect from your life?

We all living in this beautiful world and experiencing worth and worst in our life. By bearing all this we learn some lessons. What lessons we learn do you know?

In this beautiful poetry book author pen down all the feelings of a comman man and his life.

The book consist 120pages and it’s divided into 3 several parts. From this book i liked some verses and would like to share some lines of it….

Akele se hm…
Hm kyu yaha akele se
Hi tanha kiye ja rahe hai…

Duba ke khud ko roz hi
Rozmarra se besudh dariye me
Akelepan ke ehsas ko
Khamoshi se piye ja rahe h….

For reading full poetry order your copy today and read it out.

Cover is simple yet attractive. It touches my heart. The language is lucid and its in hindi. A hindi reader can’t miss this lovely opportunity to read this beautiful poetry book.

Recommend to all hindi readers you all will gets to know the real meaning of life by reading his verses.

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