All children are just like potters clay ready to be moulded. They have all the qualities to develop into versatile and genuine personality.

All children are equal, yes or not by Dr Arun Kumar Bapna is a book on child’s development. It focuses on different areas like differently-abled children, demands of the child, early childhood relationship with parents, child creativity and many more.
It focuses on the fact that each child has its abilities rather than comparing with others, the parents should motivate the child to pursue his/her dreams.
Parent’s play a very vital role in shaping a child’s personality, behaviours etc. Especially all the parents of differently-abled children need is patience and trust in the doctors and experts.
Parent’s should fulfil the demands of their kids which are genuine and affordable.
I liked the book and mostly I like that there is so many solutions given by world-renowned doctors, authors, social activists for the developing child.
This book will be the best one for the parents and those who are planning to have their first child.

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