Book Review – Time To Murder

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Book: Time To Murder
Author: Prakash Goenka
The book is a suspense thriller. The plot centers around Asmita Thakur, the protagonist.Asmita takes a wrong step by choosing a wrong person for twice. But the twist is that later Asmita is dead. Who is behind her death is unkown.Also there are series of death taking place.

The mystery arises from this point. Is the same person behind every ones death?
The book opens with describing what madcap is.The author defines madcap as mastermind. Comprising of 29 lessons the book is a quite long read, yet it’s engaging. The storyline keeps the readers hooked till the end.
There are many twists and turns that makes the readers curious to read. The writing style is good, narrative is smooth. Every character is built with equal importance. Language is lucid.

The book holds the curiosity element well. I completed the book in 2 sittings. I enjoyed the book. A must read by mystery thriller lovers, the book really has different way of plot.
The cover brings in mystery element. The title is justified. Do give it a read.

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