Book Review of Time to Murder

Time to Murder – Madcap
Prakash Goenka
Available on @amazondotin.
In association with @wfibsblogging_official_
Really interesting crime thriller, in which a boy named Arnab Mehra was murdered reopening the case of her ex-lover Asmita’s murder. Actually not a lover but the girl whom Arnab had cheated.
In lack of proof police declared Asmita’s murder as suicide. But inspector Kaushik reopened the case and started investing it again after receiving one diary from Asmita’s land lady.
Now that diary started giving answers about her death. Inspector Kaushik got many details from it but then also he was not sure who could be the murderer of Arnab. He was suspecting three person for the same – 1. Asmita’s brother, 2. Asmita’s office friend and 3. Madcap- whose blog Asmita used to read.
And this the investigation progresses, which threw light on many hidden aspects of Asmita’s life.
Really a good murder mystery book which not let you gusse the true murder.
Full of twists and turns so will not make you feel the boredom.

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