Raju. Who did not go back to England.

Book Review.

Rating 4/5

Struggle, hardwork, consistency, and believe in yourself has the power to defeat everything and make you achieve your dream.

This book presents you with the life of Raju.
Raju,who is born during the Colonial period.
When he passed out matriculation exam with first division he made it clear that he will opt bio subject and will become a doctor.He took admission and opt for the bio subject but unfortunately he had to leave his studies in the mid.He was again admitted to the Christian school with non bio subject.He now decided to become a scientist and after completing his studies to pursue the higher studies he went to London.But the struggle didnot end,with no money in his pocket for admission, he started searching for part time jobs and attended the night classes.
Raju during his first three years in England got a good industrial exposure while working for Satchwell controls,then he worked for Mullards,where he got exposed to advanced electronics.
Later after few years he came back to India and decided not to go back.
He gave three interviews ,but there was no respond.
One day he received an appointment letter offering him the job of a senior technical assistant in Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute Pilani Rajasthan.
It took him 8 long years to achieve his dream.

This book is full of stories of his childhood, how the partition of India hit the financial conditions of their family,how he had a crush with death,how his first child bought him luck.

I really loved how the writer starts the book ,describing about the women bearing child:Mother.The way Mother is described with full of love and emotion ,it is mesmerizing to read that part.The scientific and spiritual word in between make this book unique one.
The way of writing is lucid.The book is very interesting and inspiring. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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