Secrets to mismarriages by Rusha Joshi

Not only job, background, money, family is important for a marriage a person’s sexuality is also important.

“He just married my utreus”(Quoted from the text).This line startled me for a second during my read. Secrets to mismarriages by Rucha Joshi shows you a different dimension of marital life from a normal well being. I would say this book is a reflection of hidden reality which exists in our common day life.

The first story of Riya is just an example of every victims story who is betrayed, cheated, went to a great trauma without doing any mistake rather than loving their partner without knowing their sexuality. People hide their sexuality and marry due to social and family presure but in the end of the day the girl who believes that drama becomes the prey. Some rebuild their life, some goes into depression, some women take years to come out of it and some stay the same. This is what the secrets of mismarriages is all about. Physical and mental trauma a spouse undergoes when they marry a opposite gender. This book mainly focuses on woman who are deceived by men who marry clueless straight girls to cover up their actual identity.

The book is full of knowledge regarding relationship and what are the mistakes in marriage that is a “Mis-marriages”. Preface was really exciting for the further read for me. The definition of love which author gave was really factual and the four pillars concept in relationship was helpful for anyone who needs a clarity regarding how a person should keep the spark alive in a relationship. Simple language and perfect way of narration is the positive side of the book. In my case I felt little slow and lag inbetween. On the whole the book is a knowledgeable guide for all the women to be mentally stable who enter into a marital life or for some women to over come it. Interesting title and you can read it in one sitting.

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