Lost Love Late Love Book Review

There are three main characters in the story and they are Kashika, Vivaan and Vidit. Kashika is working in a corporate firm. She is in love with Vivaan since two years. Vivaan always emotionally abused Kanishka but she always saw the good qualities in Vivaan and never argued with him rather she always tries to explain things to him in a better way. Vivaan always check every action of Kanishka. He controls Kashika’s life in every way. May it be the clothes she wants to buy for herself or when it comes to meeting her other friends everything was controlled by Vivaan. Later, this emotionally abusive relationship turns into a physical abusive relationship and that day Kashihka breaks up with Vivaan.

Vidit, Kashika’s colleague help her to heal and motivate her to start a new life. Vidit and Kashika start finding solace in each other, but Vidit is already engaged and he is going to get married with his fiancee but he has feelings for Kashika.

Kashika feels that Vidit is her soulmate but she can’t do anything. The situation gets worse when Vivaan tries to reconnect with Kashika and tries to rekindle their relationship.

Will Kashika and Vidit fight for their love?

Has Vivaan really changed?

Will Kashika be able to find love of her life?

Read this story to know more!!

Overall it’s a wonderful story.

The twists and turns in the story kept me hooked till the end.

Language is lucid.

I liked Kashika’s character.

I recommend this book to everyone.

Grab your copy now!!

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