Always understand your life partners A short story

Name Rushi & Ruhi

They fell in love two years ago

They got engaged two months ago. One fine day they went out for a dinner date. (It was their sixth dinner date after their engagement )
They both met at a time which they had decided as per their schedule.
Rishi: Hello Ruhi with a cute smile on his face.
Ruhi:Hello Rishi (No expresions)
Rishi: What happened? Are you okay? (He thought that she’s uncomfortable due to some reason)
Ruhi: Yes, I’m fine.(She just said yes but she was completely restless)
Both of them were sitting close to each other.
Both of them ordered their favorite soup and as soon as they got their soup they started having it.
Suddenly, a bowl of soup fell from Rishi’s hand and as both of them were sitting close to each other some soup fell on Ruhi’s dress.
With this Ruhi got angry on Rishi as she was restless she started shouting at him.
After sometime both of them realized their mistakes and both of them apologized.
Ruhi was a bit moody.(It was because of a sudden drop in her estrogen and prosgesterone levels as she was going through Pre menstrual syndrome)
Ruhi: Says, Aah! it hurts (in a lower voice keeping her hand on a lower back)
Rishi: Are you okay baby?
Ruhi:Yes, I am fine.
Rishi: Babe, I know you since two years so please don’t lie in front of me. I know the reason behind your discomfort and a sudden change in your behavior.
Immediately, Rishi planted a kiss on Ruhi’s forehead, caressed her hair and hugged her tightly.
That touch and hug made her forget her pain for a while.
This is what a girl needs during those days.
She is not weak but she likes to be loved and pampered during those days.

Moral – Understanding is a base of good relationship.

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