Book review- It ends with a dream

Book review

Book – It ends with a dream

Author – Medha Nagur

Genre – Romance

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I wonder how this four letter word LOVE makes a lot of complicated emotions. Small but mighty.

This book is about two sweethearts Yadnya and Yashika. Yadnya had a tough time growing, even though he had parents from media field. Yashika was his secret love. He had feelings for her since childhood. Yashika lives a simple life. She is a doctor by profession. They come into the circle of love when they meet eachother again. But was everything good ?. Absolutely not, they have a lot of twist n turns in life. Life and love took them to a breathtaking journey.

It was completely an emotional, heart touching ride. I loved the plot. It was deep and purely love. It ends with a dream was truly mindblowing.

The cover is so pretty, and the tittle is wonderful. They brought a keen interest. I loved it. Grab the book to enjoy reading.

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