If Electricity Abandon Us, Will We Be Able to Survive Without It?

Think about a life without Electricity. Will you be able to live? Will you be able to do your daily chores? The majority of you will say No. Why? Simply because electricity has become a very big and necessary part of our life. We will not be able to cook, work, entertain ourselves.

Living a life without electricity is going to very tough. We don’t even think about how much we rely on electricity. Our daily life will change so much. And for some people, it will be like living in a stone age. 

It’s not like we have never lived before without electricity, we have. But now we are way too dependent on it to lose it.

“Electricity can transform people’s lives, not just economically but also socially,” Piyush Goyal.

What Will Happen?

Water will cease to flow, ventilation systems will be out, the fridge will not work, any electronic kitchen appliance will shut down, your electronic products will not work like Mobile phones, laptops, etc., as you won’t be able to charge them.

Some of the necessary appliances, products, or services that will shut down are:-

  • Refrigerators
  • Hospitals
  • Traffic lights
  • Banks
  • ATM Machines
  • Metro
  • Super Market
  • Cold Storage
  • Hotels/Restaurants
  • Manufacturing industries
  • And many more.

Cost of Living without Electricity

poll revealed that 50% of the public said they would not be able to survive for more than 2 weeks without electricity, proving our dependency on readily available power. Of those polled, a staggering 75% predicted that within two months, they would be dead.

Living without electricity will force us to go to alternative power sources like Solar, Hydropowers, Batteries, etc. These alternatives can cost a lot.

We will first have to consider how much electricity we consume? Which alternative will best suit us? And How much will it cost? To know all this we will be required to study about it and come up with the best alternative as the purchasing and installing of these alternative can be very expensive.


Geothermal energy is heat derived within the sub-surface of the earth. Water and/or steam carry the geothermal energy to the Earth’s surface. Depending on its characteristics, geothermal energy can be used for heating and cooling purposes or be harnessed to generate clean electricity.

Hydro power

Hydroelectric energy, also called hydroelectric power or hydroelectricity, is a form of energy that harnesses the power of water in motion—such as water flowing over a waterfall—to generate electricity.

Solar Energy

Solar energy, radiation from the Sun capable of producing heat, causing a chemical reaction, or generating electricity. The total amount of solar energy incidents on Earth is vastly over the world’s current and anticipated energy requirements. If suitably harnessed, this highly diffused source has the potential to satisfy all future energy needs. In the 21st century, solar energy is expected to become increasingly attractive as a renewable energy source because of its inexhaustible supply and its nonpolluting character, in stark contrast to the finite fossil fuel coalpetroleum, and natural gas.


Even after being one of the important force of our lives, we take electricity for granted. We misuse it on another level. We should not be doing it.

We should make several efforts to preserve it. We also need to find ways by which we can reserve electricity by using alternative forces wherever possible.

Use your money, don’t waste it by wasting electricity.

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