My Little Book Of Love:Book Review

Author of the book Priya Kumar


This book is a collection of quotes. It comprises of 9 chapters. such as Love is, I love you means, Love is not, Rituals of love and few more.

This book not only changes our perspective towards love but also teach us to love ourselves and also tells what love is not about. The another important lesson one can learn from this book is that love is not a reciprocal relationship.

I liked all the chapters from the book but my most favourite chapters from the book are as follows:
When you love someone
I love you means
Love is not
Rituals of love

Language is lucid.
Cover of the book is very attractive.
I recommend this book to everyone.

I liked each and every quote from this book

Few of my favourite quotes from the book are as follows:
When you want them to change, it is control not love.

I love you means I will not counter you and show you down when you are upset with me.

Express your love towards your loved ones.
And do saw every single day with the same intensity or more, without any expectation.

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