The Unusual Bond: Book Review

The story revolves around the the theme of isolation, and love.
Vaidehi the protagonist is in search of someone who would listen to her without judging her and she finds a grave of her school teacher, Norma D’Costa whom she hated once. Vaidehi shares all her problems with her teacher who is lying dead in the grave. Later, Vaidehi meets Vanika and they both are fond of each other.
There is a lot more to know.

Who is Vanika?

How Vaidehi and Vanika met each other?

Why was Vaidehi fond of Vanika?

What does is the story of Vadehi’s past?

Did Vaidehi ever lead a happy life or she was always a lonely bird?

The plot is very intriguing.
The cover and the title is apt for the story.
The language used in the book is lucid.
I recommend this book to everyone.

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