The Boy Called Ambi (Book Review)

Having a look at old photographs and going down to memory lane is the best feeling ever!!

Reminiscing about your childhood as you grow old will definitely be nostalgic.

This book revolves around the life of Ambi. This book is divided into 20 chapters and it consists of several stories from Ambi’s childhood to adulthood.

It tells us the story of Ambi’s parents and siblings and the challenges they faced in their life.

There are several incidents in this book that reflect Ambi’s love for animals and other stories reflect Ambi’s faith in spirituality.

As you read the book you will be able to imagine all the scenes depicted in the book.

This book beautifully represents South Indian culture and traditions.

As the book comes to an end it depicts the story of Ambi’s wife and kids.

Ambi felt that astrology was God-gifted to him as he never learned it in any school.

As an astrologer, Ambi’s predictions used to be accurate. That’s why many people used to approach him for getting remedies to their problems.

The title is apt for the book.

“Time Travel To Nostalgic Times.” It will indeed make you travel to nostalgic times!!

I recommend this light and beautiful read to everyone.

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