37+ Grace Marks:Book Review


How does it feels on falling in love for the first time?

Does first love hurts or its magical?

This story revolves around Viraj, who falls in love with Nimisha and it was love at first sight for Viraj. It revolves around the life of engineering students. It includes friendship and love. Moreover, this book teaches us a very important lesson and that is “because life is beyond numbers!” Viraj falls in love with her classmate Nimisha, but she was fed up with the number of proposals she used to receive in college. Viraj falls head over heels in love with Nimisha and he tried all possible ways to impress her. Viraj used to be a topper in class but later in one semester he had backlog in two subjects and in other semester he passed only with 37+ Grace Marks. One day all the incidents like scoring less marks, no secured job, no true love, flashes in front of Viraj’s eyes and he thought of giving up by jumping from the cliff.Lines said by Viraj’s father to Viraj:
“No mark-sheet made in this world tells you about the abilities of a child. If at all, it tells you about a few numbers that will be forgotten, sooner or later. There might be a bunch of great scorers in every class. I don’t want you to be one among them. I want you to be a great learner. A marksheet is someone else’s way of telling you who you are. But always remember Viraj, you are the creator of your own life.” Where does Viraj’s journey end? Will Viraj and Nimisha ever be friends or they will be more than that? Will Viraj jump from the cliff and end his life or he will fight with the situation? The plot is very engaging. The title and cover is apt for the book. I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read books of fiction genre.

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