Book Review- On A Journey Of Life

📖-  On a Journey of Life
✍️- Kajal Rai & Nivedita Karmankar Genre– Short stories
Format– Kindle
Price– ₹0 for Kindle Unlimited
Pages– 104
Ratings– 4/5

      This book contains 2 short stories:
1. As the Miles Went By- Kajal Rai
2. That Summer- Nivedita Karmaran

=> 1st Story:
Here’s a girl named Saanchi who found her late mother’s diary. Inspired by her, she sets out on a roadtrip with a Math Professor, Arjun. Her dad is completely against this trip but throughout the only thing that soothes her heart out is the beautiful sunset accompanied by chit chats with Arjun.
On the way, she discovers many stories about her mother. But on the wake of all this, her father wants Saanchi to return back home.
The decision is upto her now, What will sje do ?

=> 2nd Story:
Rashi is forced to spend all her summer in the Bungalow no. 64. She wants to explore the world around but is limited by her parents. All of a sudden she make friends with Lalit, the maintenance person.
But according to the society, this comforting bond of a 13-year old and a lower class man is forbidden. Now it’s upto her, will sue stick up to her friend ?

My Thoughts:
          I totally loved the fact that the stories feature female leads. It was completely empowering to read both of these stories. The writing style was completely exceptional amd acted as a cherry on the cake.

Points I liked: 1.Female Lead
2.Writing Style

 I would have loved to read more such short stories.

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