Book: The Epistle Of Love

“The Epistle of Love” is a book compiled with ten inspirational letters written by the author from her personal experiences which will surely inspire each and every reader to be enthusiastic even at the tough times in their life.

To be a source of inspiration for someone during their tough times through your inspirational words which are depicted in a book is best way to heal the pain of readers.

The letters written in the book will surely inspire each and every reader even at the tough times in their life. May it be a teenager, students, parents, teachers and many others.

It is available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon.


Book – The Epistle of Love

Author – Pooja Balot

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

This book is an evidence for the fact that letters are real delight. This Exquisite book is a collection of letters written by the Author to herself and her loved ones. She expressed the real raw emotions in her words. The letters took her voice. They conveyed short, sweet, clear and sharp messages. It is a wonderful book to read. This is a special one as it deals with most essential parts of life in letters.

This book also inspires me to write more letters. I always write letters to me and hide them, accidently l find them years after. They make happy. Everyone can try this crazy thing.

I’m obsessed with the Book cover. I personally love writting letters. Nowadays we use text message but we don’t understand them sometimes but when it comes to letters we understand them so clearly as they are elaborate and have warmth.

2. Review

Imagine the aromas of bubbling tea on a cold winter rain. That delicate yet powerful touch of ginger that ends with a slight sweet tail, that tastes like true enlightenment. It glows up the soul and warms up the heart.
This is what the composition by Pooja Balot, does to its readers. It begins with a sorrowful, pungent lament but climbs its journey towards rays of hope and sweetness of life. It helps normalise petty issues of teenage and those of a family backslash, and encourages audience to see the brightness towards the end of the dark tunnel.
It is what one would want on a gloomy day to embrace and assure of everything to fall into place at the right moment. A must read for readers from every stage of life, it brings about the beauty behind unsaid emotions, and potrays a message that every reader must acknowledge and propagate. However, reading and eloping with the pages of such a beautiful composition, one would truly find and appreciate meaning of life!

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