A Twisted Love story (Love is always beyond everything we see)

BOOK 📚: Duplicity A twisted love story.

AUTHOR🌸: Nigama.R.V

“Life is beautiful when you have loved ones with you, how true is that? “(Quoted from the text) That’s how the story begins and the story ends as an answer to it. Everything is love isn’t it? Love for Nature, Love for chocolates, love for pets and even more. But when it comes to Love towards same gender there comes a huge crowd opposing it. That too in India it’s still a matter of issue. Some don’t understand and some don’t accept. The Book Duplicity throws light upon the LGBTQ community. The important idea the author shows us is the acceptance of LGBTQ people by young generations.

Nick, Raphael and Emily are the three characters and the whole plot revolves around them. All three comes from a typical Indian family but they didn’t hesitate to reveal their sexuality and dreams to their parents. I liked the character sketch of Emily,a strong female character who struggles hard till the end in order to hold her true loved ones. A modern women who has eyes full of dreams and heart full of love. She considers this marriage as a great relief. Being a caged bird and not in a place where she should be makes her burst out after her marriage. Does Emily achieves her dream? Does Raphael accepts or denies his Marita life? Does Nick stays with his loved one?. Read this wonderful book to get answers for all these questions.

Author has a unique style of writing and she always speaks on a social subject not for women but for humanity and love. Her writing inspires me a lot which throws multiple arrows of queries in my mind. Usage of strong vocabulary in right place, alignment of scenes and Nigama stands as an expert in her lucid way of narration. I’m excited to read Nigama’s next book “love? May be?”.

Love is always love!

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