A light in life-The Almighty

I really wonder what is the purpose of our lives. Why were we created?. I also question life ,Are you tricking me?. Life gives us unconditional love, happiness, failures, misunderstanding, wounds, scares and many more. God not only created everyone unique but also designed and stuffed our book of life eternally unique. It’s is sour, but it is true to say that how much ever good days come, we curse the bad days more. The smile fades as disadvantages of life shades in dark. Frequently we come face-to-face with unfamiliar situation. Where we can’t even figure out our directions. At this point, a dazzling soulful belief plays a great role in our lives in that it adds immeasurable hope to our struggle.

Dealing with such tough spots takes thought and planning and at that time we need some pointers to a future line of action. We are like the freshly hatched baby turtles caught in the dark, confused by the bright lights on the road and finding the moon light to reach the sea. Then the turtles focuses and spots a light from the moon which feels like home. In such situations in life belief in God serves as a light from moon which feels like home. The light gives new hope and way. The result is absolutely reaching the destination. One becomes successful.

Quran : When anyone asks you about Me, say that l am near. I respond to the call of one who calls, whenever he calls to Me.

Almighty is just a call away from every living cell who calls him with complete belief.

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