Let the flame of pure love shine in your heart for your near and dear ones but, never let the flame of fake love lit in your heart for anyone. Because pure love is permanent and fake love is temporary. Then it would be love’s first priority to reach out to those people who are deprived of pure and unconditional love.  Love will greet you only when you welcome it without any selfish attitude. Love is like a flower as the beauty of each flower is undefinable in the same way the feeling of love is also undefinable.As a flower spreads its fragrance and soothes our heart and mind and adds charm to the beauty of garden, vase, bouquet, etc. in the same way let’s spread smiles and love wherever we go and let’s make this world a better place to live in. Then always be loyal to them and never break their trust and heart. Loving someone unconditionally is an art and everybody is not an expert in that art. Let the flame of unconditional love be alive and let the flame of selfish love be extinguished. Love is a best feeling when it is unconditional and true but it is prickly like thorns when it is fake and based on certain conditions.

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  1. Amazing work
    It’s our pleasure to have you on board
    Vishal veer lohan

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