Book Review: F Stands for Success by Rakhi Kapoor

Book-  F Stands for Success
Writer- Rakhi Kapoor

Genre- Self-help
Format- Kindle
Price- ₹0 for Kindle Unlimited
Pages- 150
Rating- 4/5

      The book talks about rising from one’s failure and how opportunities come to a person capable of bringing them to reality at a right time. There are different concepts being discussed such as ifeas flying in space instead of being captured in a human mind.
The main focus of the author is on the concept of learning from failures and not giving up in your dreams.

My Thoughts:
           I rarely like any self-help books but this one is my favourite read of 2021. I am not saying that after reading this book my outlook towards life changed completely but in some manner the book felt relatable and it motivated me somewhat. Most of the authors often keep bragging about how great they are doing in life and how talented they are in grabbing opportunities and now their hardwork has paid off. But this author talked about something which is very common but rarely discussed ! She talked about how she failed in life and about encountering failure multiple times. It really felt very much relatable for a commoner like me ! 

Points I liked:
🌺The book felt very relatable.
🌺 The book focused on a very realistic problem.

📍 I would have loved to read more examples.

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