Many a times we come across a word ‘Handicapped’, ‘Disabled’. As soon as we come across this words some thoughts comes into our mind. We all might have seen such people may be in our family, relatives, schools, friend circle, work place, etc. They are known as disabled because they don’t have some of their body parts such as hands, legs, eyes or they may be deaf. This mainly happens because of an accident or premature birth etc.
In this modern era of 21st century there are many people in backward regions who do not treat Diffently Abled people as equally as all others. Many a times we get to see that a Diffently Abled people passes by and some narrow minded people start insulting them by saying that they are disabled They can do nothing, Who will take care of them in later years? How will they survive in their life? Thousands of people with disabilities are challenged not only because of their disabilities but because of such people who insult them. Instead of insulting them and making them feel sad we should encourage them to compete with this world. Help them whenever and wherever you can. They are not ‘DISABLED’ but they are most ‘CAPABLE’ of doing each and every task which we all can do.

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