Fireflies at 3am by Danni Thomas


Book name: Fireflies at 3am 🦋

Author: Danni Thomas @danni.shoetry

Genre: Shoetry

Edition: Paperback

#reviewpartner : @bookhookedofficial

Rating: 5⭐

#Qotd : What do you think of the cover? Would you like to read the “shoetry”?

“I had many affairs
She had one
She forgave me for all
I forgave her for none”

– Hurt: one of my favourite poems from the book. 🦋

“Fireflies at 3am” is a shoetry i.e. a one of a kind combination of short stories and poetry.

There are around 83 poems with each having unique illustrations. Some of which have short anecdotal stories along with it which are relatable and thought-provoking.

These poems are about sacrifices, beliefs, feelings, insecurities, self pride and righteousness, mental, emotional & physical abuse and much more.

The poems describe variables of human nature which are human yet inhuman, humourous yet satirical, superficial yet deep, anecdotal yet ironic, selfless yet selfish, racist and sexist.

The author has touched the chord of the deepest anguish, jealousy, love, hurt and agony perfectly in very few words. Some peoms are very short but decribe the ocean of emotions. I read this shoetry twice just to embrace the warmth it gave me while reading it.

I recommend this book not only to all the poetry lovers but also to the beginniners. The style is easy, quirky and will not disappoint.

“… And they lived happily ever after
Once upon a time” ..

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