Book Review – RAVANA, A Mistaken King, an Unmistaken Leader

Book – RAVANA, A Mistaken King, an Unmistaken Leader

Author – Gaurav Kataria

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Every great warrior hides some mystery behind his greatness…
Maybe that was his mystery or the reason behind his greatness.

            – RAVANA, A Mistaken King, an Unmistaken Leader

     The title says it all, RAVANA! The Warrior was the greatest spirit to be born on Earth to teach us that, Leaders are not born, they’re made. This book is simply Ravana’s version of Ramayana. We’re all bad in someone’s story, Ravana is no exception to that. This book gives the complete glimpse of a self-made Chakravarti Samrat. The narration is done by the protagonist which made the book so unique. It sounded like the authentic Ravana himself. That was so awesome. Making a mark to self-made, he did not start with his birth rather he started with the war, pain and determination in his battlefield. Ravana was on his mission to become the king of the world. He well planned it, then he started conquering lands. He got most parts under his control, at the end he made agreement with the rest after witnessing immense blood and vast piles of dead bodies. Meanwhile, his daughter was born (Mata Sita). She was predicted to bring destruction to her father’s pride. Ravana spoke his heart; he never wanted anyone to suffer. He cared for every single person, this leadership spirit enhanced his reign. His daughter was taken away but she was not dead to make the prediction disappear. Years passed, Lanka flourished in all ways with its eminent King. Everything happened as he desired, as he wanted to make. He made it. But when a person lives to his desire, he can’t be good to all, Ravana too can’t. He was cursed, he too has destiny like everyone. The majestic destiny was not given, he made it. He dared to take the pain, he fought for an insult made by an Aryavrata prince (lord Ram).

He proudly said,

     They called it my ‘ego’. I claimed it ‘my confidence’.

   I cannot accept this reality. Ravana was born to win, not to die this way. However broken I am, I cannot accept defeat. I can’t beg down.

    This is who l am . l am RAVANA

I loved the book so much.

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