My Forever poetry

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Hey, lonely prince
I can hear your unsung griefs,
I can see your empty heart,
Once it was like a garden of tulips,
But now it looks like pale onions.

Why is that so?
Why is your door shut?
Why are you so hard for me?
Why don’t you feel the same?

I know you are a lovable soul,
But do you know where your soul is destined?
Why do you crook yourself?
Why don’t you brook into a colorful tale?

Can’t you hear my heart?
Can’t you see those spears plundering in someone’s heart?
I can’t mend your past Loops ,
But I can untie them with my own luve.

I don’t know how to make you smile,
I don’t know how to make you mine,
All I can confess is,
Will you be my forever poetry? …………

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