Story of unbelievable miracles of life by Dinesh Sahay

Memoirs are the backstairs to history!


Now I personally love to read memoirs. Why? There are so many reasons, you love a person’s experience, you know how he survived this hella cruel world, and you Definitely learn a lot. Don’t you!?


Well, this book isn’t just a memoir it’s basically magic happening or according to the title miracles happening in the author’s life. Interesting isn’t it?

“If you visualize what you want in life, then getting and achieving targets will be easier for you, and can get what you want in life.”


Now, you maybe a not believing in miracles just like me, but then I entered this book without expectations not knowing that when I will come out of the book I’ll actually be believing in miracles and having a hope that miracles can happen.

This book quotes many miraculous incidents happening with the author starting from his childhood, marriage days and some life changing death escaping miracles. All the chapters in the book have something waiting for you to know it learn it gain it implement it. Now you may have read many non fiction books and out of personal experience many NF books lack reference making it hard to assimilate the facts written. Unlike all those, this one had perfect examples proving it’s point, and that’s what make this book even more valuable and to the point. I personally loved the chapter “Make your dreams while following the laws of nature” because it’s so informative and there lot to grasp and implement in that.

So, I really don’t want to start quoting every chapter and lines from the book as it will be a spoiler. This book is a short and quick read but my advice would be to take it slow, read it wisely and process your thoughts accordingly.Definitely not a gem to be missed.


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