“There was nothing more terrifying than the magnitude of nature. Man could not hold a candle to nature’s whims and fancies” (Quoted from the text) I firmly accept accept that human cannot go against nature. Nowadays I became so much fond of mythological subjects and Neil D’ silva gave me a good feast by this book Yakshini.

Meenakshi a fifteen year old girl is born with a supernatural being living inside her. Whenever she falls in the eyes of wrong men yakshini comes out and saves her. Yakshinis are the epitome of beauty comes from Alakapuri, a flattened peak between Deva Loka and Bhoomi lokha. Ratisundari is one of those beautiful Yakshinis. She is trapped inside a human because of her folly. When Meenakshi gets married she is in the state of protecting her own husband from herself. After years Meenakshi is completely taken over by Yakshini where the two halves of her wanting to sprint in two different directions. How Meenakshi frees Yakshini from her body is the root cause of this complete story. Other than the story we can see Meenakshi’s father Shantaram as a man with modern thoughts who wants all his daughters to be educated before sending them. Renuka stands as a pillar for Meenakshi. Harikumar plays a role of a supportive and lovable husband. But because of the curse of Yakshini, Meenakshi is also living a life of curse where she loses all her loved ones.

Neil D’Silva is known for his works in horror genre and his books are consistently listed among the top horror writers of India. Beyond those horror and supernatural elements I saw a more of women in it. Those screams, voices which Meenakshi hears is not only hers but it’s the voice of every girl when she falls into the eyes of wrong men. The style of writing makes readers to be connected till the end. I highly recommend everyone to read this wonderful piece of work.

“Every girl has Yakshini hidden in her deep self” that’s the only statement resonated in me throughout the book.

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