Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

“Every night is a hope for tomorrow’s first light” and that’s how I believe life. Theni is my native land and it’s called ‘Earth’s hidden paradise’. Living in this beautiful Cardamom city, I used to have my morning walks on those roads of southern rage. But I was not lucky enough to stay for a longtime, since I received my transfer order. It was a complete controversial state of mind. From peace to chaos, from cold to heat, from pure and smoky hills to dirty drainage rivers I was transferred from the mother of nature to the dusty metropolitan city. After three months of struggle I got used to this hustle and bustle life. Returning from work I will have my regular cup of coffee sitting on a wooden swing which was anchored to the ceiling of my living room. My parents are divorced because of their unhappy married life. My grandmother was my guardian for twelve years since my parents left and she died when I was fifteen. So, yes! I am their only daughter and now a single independent working woman. When the journey was in usual grind I never thought my life would step into a complete twist within a night. One bright afternoon, I was waiting for my cab to arrive. The roads were busy like bees; cars, scooters and other vehicles were running in all the directions. Every day I used to travel on the same road but I never looked up at the skies because our heads were hung down with our smartphones. It was a weekend and as everyone longs for a sound sleep, I also go in search of a blanket. When I looked at those dark clouds floating by brushing the towers of tall buildings my mind started to wander in thoughts. My inner voice started to rewind my past. Do you believe in blind dates? Going out with a random person, having dinner dates and making love, do you think it really works? But I had a different experience on a blind date. We both first met in a driving school waiting for our turns and I was sitting beside him. It was early in the morning; roads were free so it was easy for our tutor to teach us. Suddenly I heard a voice raising a weird question ‘Have you ever watched fifty shades?’ Everyone in the car gave an awkward look and I don’t know what made him ask me that question. That’s when everything started. ‘Nothing is more beautiful than two souls taking efforts to be with each other’ and that’s how we built our relationship. After two years of college life Vijay got placed in a software company, Bangalore and I applied for my higher studies in Kerala. Days passed and I got used to living my life without my best friend. Does Heartbreak occur even in friendships? Is that so? Even though we were constantly in touch through WhatsApp and other social media, we didn’t have a proper conversation for days. After four months of waiting he came back from his holidays. I was excited to see him, but this time he looked different not only in his appearance but also magical. All we planned was to run and have a tight hug but we didn’t. We both stood staring at each other. ‘Come in’ he broke the silence. I was wearing a white Salwar and he was in my favorite brown t-shirt, we both looked like a combination of Oreo white chocolate. There was a complete silence; wind chimes were dancing in the air ringing a pleasant sound, a sunny afternoon changed into a cloudy evening as if nature contributes to making us realize our secret love. It was a breathless state. My nerves froze and our unsung desires were triggered. It was a slip of my lip and I was not in any sense. Deep, dark souls evoked as one, I waved through his touch and all I knew was just to keep him close. We locked us in our magical world; we loved each other till the flames of lust replaced our friendly desire. It was an unforgettable moment and I would treasure them till my soul ends. I know those seconds of touch he was all mine, only mine, but life had different plans. We both left happily bidding goodbye to each other. After a few steps I thought of seeing him again when I turned back he was no more there. I ran into his house, the room was in complete silence as before, doors wide open, welcoming me again, the wind chime was hanging unmoved but I felt something fishy. My eyes searched for him throughout the house. Finally I saw him in my favorite brown t-shirt, sleeping peacefully inside his red wooden coffin.

TO BE CONTINUED IN #PART 2 ……………………………………………………………………………..

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