Photo by Matheus Bertelli on Pexels.com

We are under the same sky but in different home

So I thought of singing a happy poem!

Running through the corridors

Walking through the platforms

I believe we three are destined

We fight and struggle all the days

But get back with a warm hug the next day.

Dancing like a yellow tweety

We have been mad for hours

We have been sad for hours

We have laughed like a giant for hours

And Dark secrets bind us in one cupboard.

I believe we engrossed each other

I believe we are intertwined by gods will

We are the three idiots! We are three musketeers!

Uncountable long drives, unforgettable moments

Unsaid promises, unwritten rules, unseen love

It’s the prefix ‘un’ holds ‘us’ in all the crisis.

You two are my Behemoth and Leviathan  

You two are my guardian angels too.

Is there any need for answers for all we do?

Nah, holding a happy heart is all we do.

We don’t fit in this jealous and cruel world

We stay kind and generous amidst the chaos

We bend to the rules of humanity.

Like a princess of those fairy tales

We catch the rays of the sun and moon

And make a garland in all our rooms

Time and love are our common buddies

Even the books cherish our happy studies.

We become clueless and confused sometimes

We rest in pains and stay in shades for months

But we always have our magical key to elope this reality.

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