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It was a day of complete darkness and I could sense a weird aroma rushing in the air. Walking through the pathway, I saw mellow cats roaming in search of food and dogs howling at the white ringed moon. Giant clock stands erect in the centre city and clicks of bat vibrates in all the dooms. I was mesmerized and awestruck by seeing the beauty of night and I didn’t realize a man walking beside me for a long time. Immediately I became conscious about him; I made my steps close to have a check on him. But he was so casual in his walk and turned left. “Uff, I’m safe”, my mind whispered. 45 minutes passed but I couldn’t see even a wink of human race. It was an empty lane, birds hidden in bushes and trees, cats and dogs settled with their kiddos, few vehicles standing alone and the lights were hanging aloof. Suddenly there was a huge masculine scream and my nerves freezed on hearing it. I can hear someone screaming for help in danger, I was panic-stricken. Many thoughts were alluring in my head, is that a trap for me? Or is there anyone really in need of help? Should I run away holding my life or help that scream? Amidst those fear and confusions I remembered the words of my father “Papa, these are the attributes of life ‘Be kind, be helpful, be truthful, love is heaven and selfishness is hell. So always be a good human rather than a soulless monster”. I took a deep breath, lifted my leg swung forward and set back on the ground.

Slowly I walked along the lane and reached an old unused coffee shop. My eyes stuck by a terrible scene. My legs started to tremble and I was helpless on seeing it. When I ran inside the shop I saw a man lying on the floor. Four other men getting down the attic in order to get more drinks. There was an identity card lying in the corner. I picked it and went near him; he was lying crooked in torn attire and was yelling in pain. I have seen men they cry less than a woman because of reasons linked to both nature and nurture, social stereotypes discourage men to express their emotions. But when I saw him cry, I was heartbroken and tears were rolling on my cheeks. He was shivering, holding his legs and hands crossed, deadly fear was burning in his red eyes. He hanged back his head by both pain and shame. I slowly made my dupatta around his arms and lifted him. ‘If we don’t run now, even I am going to be a prey to them’ I whispered in his ears. He said thank you in a meager tone. We both came out of the old coffee shop, walked for few minutes and by God’s grace there was a taxi. ‘Please sir, take us to a nearby by……’ I didn’t even complete the sentence he dragged my bag and showed his address in the card. I was shocked by his observing nature and nodded ‘hmm’. I showed the address to the taxi driver and finally we reached in front of a yellow painted building. It was 2 am and there was no one to help us. ‘Can you help me in finding keys?’ he proposed in a trembling voice. Searching throughout the verandah I found the key under a pot. I hesitated to go inside but he summoned me to sit on a sand bag. He went inside his bedroom and didn’t come for half an hour. I was gazing through the photographs hung on the blue painted wall; there were some winning trophies on a raised wood and I loved those air plants hanging in the corner of verandah. Suddenly the door opened, he was unable to walk but he tried to sit on a wooden divan. ‘What’s your name? And how did you find me in that old coffee shop?’ he gave a doubtful look. I explained everything that had happened but his eyes were drowsy. I realized his physical pain and needs some sleep but he kept on interrogating me. I asked, ‘How did you get into the hands of those four men?’ There was a huge silence between us and he replied ‘I didn’t think a man could be raped unless I am raped’. I could see a wild temper and pain in his vocal. The word ‘I am raped’ was alarming inside my mind like a boom. But I felt pity to hear the pathetic condition of men in society. He continued, ‘As a man I never believed a man could be raped, I thought rape happens only for women. I saw my old friend in the morning so we decided to have dinner at night. He came up with other folks too. They talked very friendly and we all had a drink together in a hotel room but I never realized their wrong intention. Does a man should also be conscious about his good and bad touch among his peer group? But we should, that’s what I learned. My close friend left without bidding me a goodbye. There comes a turning point where I started to feel hazy and that’s where everything started to happen. Those ugly hands were tearing my jeans, I felt that penetration and that’s how they started to rape me. When I pushed everyone they slapped and hit me with a rod, I fell down with little consciousness. They started to take turns, I couldn’t move my hands but my eyes half opened I saw those dogs drooling over me. It went for an hour, they got tired and left me and that’s how you came as a God no I won’t call you as God because he doesn’t exists. He sits like a statue just as a spectator. If god is true why can’t he throw his shining sword and tear those mouths?’He screamed and the word ‘Does he exist?’ reverberated throughout the house. After few seconds he calmed his tone and said, ‘So you came like a human with some humanity and saved me from those flesh eating animals’. On hearing him I got upset. I felt a great trauma, his dry eyes and pale skin with bleeding wounds made me sick and I couldn’t resist my tears. I stood up, went close to him but he didn’t allow me to touch his wounds. All he said was, ‘I need some time, I will see you soon, leave me your number’.

After 3 months I received a call from an unknown number. ‘Hi, this is Harshat’ immediately my mind flashed the picture of the card which I took from the corner of the old coffee shop and I have it still. We both had a formal talk and then he asked me to come to that same old coffee shop at 5pm in the evening. So I dressed in a modest way and I reached sharp on time. The old coffee shop was renovated and was decorated with beautiful candle lights and wind chimps. There he came in an aqua blue shirt and a white jean, classy wrist watch in his left hand. He came close and both gave a formal hug. We both were staring at the old coffee shop. He made his first conversation by asking, ‘What’s your name?’ I said ‘I’m Rithika from Bangalore’. We were talking general topics about each other but I don’t want to utter a single word about that black day so I was very much cautious because I don’t want to remind him. And there was one question ringing on my mind from the day when I left his home. I felt this as a right time. In a meager tone I asked him, ‘Why you didn’t allow me to take you to the hospital?’. He understood what I am up to and gave a very casual look and said, ‘Do you believe a man could be raped by another man? Do you?’ he paused, I stood speechless. ‘So do you think this society will believe if I say I’m raped when even I didn’t think a man could be raped?. I don’t want to put me into this trauma when I’m already under a comeuppance’. After hearing this, I felt he was right and went silent. Spending a wholesome time we became good friends. In the end of our conversation I wanted to know whether he is mentally strong, so I asked him doubtfully, ‘Are you okay now?’ He gave a hard grin and said ‘Pain and Pleasure are chasing me but I’m completely clueless. Tired all the night by hearing those voices, longing for a normal day and running through all my pains only blood and flesh are left behind. Its more than 3 months, still I am longing for a good sleep’. I was stunned by the way he expressed. It was almost 8 pm so he dropped me safe in my home.

‘Bye Harshat, hope we had a good day today’ I said and smiled at him. He replied ‘Hope I have a sleep today’. We both smiled and in few minutes he vanished from my sight.

NOTE: Hi readers, Hope this story makes sense. Even I didn’t think a man could be raped but after hearing some real life stories I understood not only women and children but even men are abused, raped and they also undergo sexual trauma.  I can understand god is partial in allowing demons to survive on earth but happy that he is not partial in sharing pain among all the humans.  ‘Teach good and be good’ that’s all a good human needs.

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  1. hi harini ,
    a good article , depiction of story is so good that seems to be live and a message for society .good keep it up , waiting for your next article .


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