We always believe that our choices and decisions are right. But what will you do when those choices and decisions leads us into a physical and emotional trauma? We are going to move to an another choice. ‘Life is full of choices’ isn’t it?

Evie a typical teenage girl. A single child who grows in a lovable family. She believes in fairytales and happily ever after. Evie falls in love with Nathan and hopes for a beautiful life . But she experiences agony, distress, sufferings and a discomfort feel of love. I would describe her as a strong woman but weak in her choices when it comes to love. And about Nathan I would not say him as a dominating male character but a violent animal who is selfish and nods his head for all the sayings of his mother. After crossing many confusions and barriers Evie accepts Nathan and ends up in marriage with her parents wish. Does Evie achieves her dream of happily everafter? Does Nathan keeps his promises? For all these questions give a read to this wonderful thought provoking story. A very smooth narration, well written, organized story line and simple language. The read was both pain and pleasure.

This book made me to think a lot. After completing, two questions popped up in my mind.
(1) Women are not safe even in their own houses. This is because of their choices or surroundings?
(2) Even after giving proper education and teaching moral values DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and RAPES exists. So whom do we blame, Men? Women? Parents? Education? Wrong self choices? Surroundings?

P. S: ferocious cover page🔥

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