This story is about an ordinary girl who begins her life with nothing more than fun to everything about satisfaction. I am a person with eyes full of dreams and heart full of love, but I am filled with flaws. All my first degree I lived my life so happily. Going to college, bunking classes with friends, watching movies a month, having long drives, I am not studious enough, but I am almost an average student where I lived my young life to the fullest without knowing what life really is. Dancing is my passion and we have our gang called only secrets. If we step on the floor, we won’t get down unless we grab the winning title. We completely cherished every second of it. Like everyone around the world, I too had a complicated love story like all teenagers do, but the pain was disgusting for me. I was matured to understand love is a part of life, but my heart doesn’t have the strength to accept heartbreak. That’s where everything started; I started to pen down my sufferings. Writing was the medium which I choose to express myself and it became my passion. I am not a great writer, I just pen all my pains, I nail them in my own way with alphabets what I know. My teeth’s are tired of smiling fake, but writing is the only place where my deep dark soul evokes. I scratched and scribbled all stupid stuffs because it was my only hope to heal myself. My wings were cut and my voices were muted, I was trapped inside a holy word SACRIFICE. If we want to achieve something sacrifices has to be made, isn’t it? I made some decisions in life which is hard for me to follow, but writing made me to hold them strong. I always pray God to give me strength to say NO to wrong things. That’s where most of them fail, we knew it’s not the right path, but we choose to run along it but we end up in misery. It is not always what we see or hear even our eyes are fooled by the heart. We have to be strong enough to take up our second chances of live. Writing was my second chance I don’t want to put them down. The emotions are real tricksters and this time it was fear which trapped me. Fear of achieving my desire, fear of losing my second chance, fear of heartbreak, but this time it was not a person, it was my passion. Writing became my passion and passion became my love. It was the very first time in my life I felt tears were worth enough to roll on my cheeks and my hands were proud enough to wipe it off. The more I feel that much fierce will be my ride. Once nights were haunted, but now even my sleepless nights became bliss, flipping pages and hearing those sounds became my night music.  It’s all about me, only me because we have to understand that we are responsible for our own actions. Learning from your flaws is positivity, but upgrading it to the next step is all you must do. According to me consistent actions are the only key to success. If we keep on working hard without any interruption one day our hard works will be answered. Any good action is rewarded, maybe not now, but it will be honored when the right time comes. Coming to this state of mind was not that much easier, I pick my circle I make all the resolutions of who am I going to be and break it one by one. I am still working on my progress, but as I said before feelings and emotions are tricksters in life. I get connected with people easily and get detached than a lighting does. But I even make those flaws into my writings. So all I dream is not to give up writing. It is not about success, it is all about LIFE SATISFACTION.

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