Inevitable Thee!

Love found me once,

But I lost myself all the way through it.

Somewhere on the earth,

Isolated from worlds firm choices,

My soul deepened in gloom.

Tons of people around,

But no souls and voices heard,

Life became an epitome of hard grin.

Heart began to rest in shades,

And hide from the absurd race.

Suddenly one night,

I woke in rage out of a long forgotten dream,

Memories flashed like a magical tizzy.

Do all people have same story?

Do all stories have happy endings?

I crave for love but hate that feels

I cry for people but push them out

I long for truth and promises

But all in return was reality and dispirit

Two years of damn nights became a shattered dream.

I danced in faints and mourned in pains,

My emotions were triggered as tides.

You stay strong in my mind,

Those days are unputdownable than you think,

And those unending farewells are still in debts.

I know I am a new project

A new project assigned to a ‘Melancholic Cupid’.

My story was designed and destined by him

What can I do more than that?

I just waved like a soulless string.

Do heart breaks happen multiple times within a soul?

Yes but it doesn’t change anything.

Here my love! Hear my words!

Even after crossing billions of seas and oceans

Holding you is like a symphony which would wave me for millennium years.

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