Book Review of The lady in the mirror

……..Book Review…….
The Lady in the mirror
By Charu Vashishtha
Genre – Anthology of short stories
Pages – 124 pages
So the title itself sounds interesting. From title I thought it as a suspense book or crime book or thriller book.
But I was wrong it’s an anthology book containing 8 Self-introspecting short stories.
☕Each of these stories is written in simple and easily understandable language.
When you see yourself in mirror, it will reflect how you look.
 Similarly here in each story characters are running from theirs True Selves but some events showed them mirror and let them meet their True Selves, that’s the central theme.
Some stories also throw lights on today’s problem.
Pictures are given at the starting of each story which shows the theme of that story.
My most favorite one with apt picture story is The comic’s  tragedy.

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