Book Review of sci-fi book A tiny reason to live

A tiny reason to live
Shreyan Laha
Genre – Sci-fi
Pages – 238

This is really a nice book for Indian Sci-fi lovers.
Story revolves around a group of 10 peoples who chose to try to be alive when all people felt hopeless and chose to die together on earth.
The story is about their journey and how they will survive. These all characters are giving message to fight against the fate.
I personally believe it is not only sci-fi but also psychological as here people’s act and their thoughts, actions are described very nicely.
Whole earth can survive but because of some mass Manipulating trends and people, people started becoming negative and lost all their hopes.
Being futuristic story some new concepts of technology are being introduced here which I like most.
As imagination can lead to new discovery. The cover image is apt for the story theme and mainly the prologue which kick start the story in beautiful way. Some times in life people forget what is imagination and what is reality – this is explored here very nicely.
Overall a fresh book for this genre.

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