WELL WELL!! It’s weird to write about oneself,write about myself. Isn’t it? okay so since i’m here,a lil intro wont hurt.

Hey there guys, so let me introduce myself myself in a dramatic way. LOL. I’m SONALI. Ya thats it,dont ask first name last name. my name is sonali. period. okay! i’m a girl who is busy finding her own way and dwelling in books. Okay,i’m here to express my views and write my heart out on what i feel on BOOKS.

my all time favourite books are:-

  1. The seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid
  2. Aristotle and dante discover the secrets of universe by benjamin alire saenz
  3. The fault in our stars by john green

All in all, i’m not a writer by profession but i’m good at spilling my thoughts out in composed way. So, see ya all with good recs,book recs, movie recs, maybe..something else too. ALSO, you guys are all welcome to check out my booktube channel:) link attached on my about me!!

See ya all! keep reading and exploring peeps!! Toast to a great journey ahead.

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